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UK + Ireland Wind Forecast Map

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Major Weather Events within UK + Ireland

The following data shows maximum daily averages weather statistics from around the world on the Bigsalty database.

  Top 4 Forecast League Table
  No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4
Wind Speed
Skaill, UK + Ireland
16.5 kts
Dingieshowe, UK + Ireland
16.3 kts
Fisk Heliar, UK + Ireland
15.8 kts
Bu Sands, UK + Ireland
15.7 kts
Alton Water, UK + Ireland
19.7 °C
Holyfield Lake, UK + Ireland
19.6 °C
Broxbourne Reservoir, UK + Ireland
19.6 °C
Mersea Island, UK + Ireland
19.5 °C
Wind Gust
Garretstown, UK + Ireland
20.4 kts
Sennan Cove, UK + Ireland
20.4 kts
Coolmaine, UK + Ireland
20.3 kts
Ventry, UK + Ireland
20.1 kts
Swell Height
Fisk Heliar, UK + Ireland
2 m
Birsay Bay, UK + Ireland
2 m
Skaill, UK + Ireland
1.9 m
Thurso, UK + Ireland
1.8 m
Swell Period
Cross Strand, UK + Ireland
8.4 sec
Keel Beach, UK + Ireland
8.4 sec
Dumps, Brandon Bay, UK + Ireland
8.4 sec
Gowlane, Brandon Bay, UK + Ireland
8.4 sec

Forecast Locations in UK + Ireland