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About Bigsalty Weather

Bigsalty Weather is a worldwide forecasting service and current weather provider aimed at water sports enthusiasts. We have a healthy passion for the outdoors and all things water related. Our mission is to convey this enthusiasm in our service and the tools we provide. In short, our aim is to get you on the water as much as possible and in as many different ways as possible.

We aim to provide as much useful data as necessary to our users and accompany it with some intuitive and useful tools. As such we provide the following:

Deeply Invested

Bigsalty Weather initially started off as a project set up by UK based professional windsurfer James Cox due to his trivial pursuit of looking for epic conditions. Grandiose dreams of commanding low pressure systems and conducting wave trains led to years of toil and sweat. The aim of creating the Bigsalty weather service was always to develop forecasting knowledge features and enjoy the fruits of nature whenever wind, swell or clear waters prevailed. Come what may the intention is that some of you gnarly, weather beaten professional human beings can benefit from using this service and sharing the ethos. The physical need and existential reality of spending time in the company of salt, wind, water, air and friends regardless of your lifestyle restrictions, background, sport or favourite band remains our highest priority.

Bigsalty Weather is a reality that is better shared amongst friends so tell your people about it and help it grow. The more it grows the more useful it will become and we love loyalty.

Green Shoots & Participation

We believe in tolerance, self actualisation and having the faith to go 100%. Bigsalty Weather is a slow burner for the long game and we are always interested to hear from anyone who shares our vision and wants to get involved in whatever way they see fit. Here are some ideas:

  • Clubs & organisations. Share Bigsalty with your club & tell us about what you are doing.
  • Through competitions. Set up competitions whereby we supply the prizes
  • Role models. Become an ambassador.
  • Foreign cells. Become a translator and/ or an ambassador.
  • Team members. You rip at your sport? Become a team rider.
  • Business owners. You run a brand? Work with us and we can work together to help grow your brand.
  • Encourage & be responsible. Pick up some litter when ever you see some at the beach. Spread tolerance, commitment and enthusiasm.
  • Ideas & suggestions. If you are an ideas man/ woman then we want to hear from you.
  • See the world through salty eyes. Be a Bigsalty user and share with your friends, keep the spark and stay true.
  • Ask for something. If you don't ask you don't get. Me may have some stickers or something else you may want.

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