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UV Index Forecast

We are pleased to announce the addition of an important UV Index forecast to our forecasting service offering.

Bigsalty weather email alerts FAQs

This is our frequently asked questions page for our email alert system.

Website Help

We've compiled a list of useful suggestions to make the most out of the Bigsalty Weather Service.

The Bigsalty swell and wind forecast rating system

The Bigsalty rating system is a new way of rating weather conditions. Read to find out more about our method to help you harness the power of the rating system.

The Bigsalty Weather Data Suite

This is the core weather data that we provide for our users.

Forecast Model Charts

Our animated forecast charts provide a powerful overview of weather systems and swell fronts active in your area. The following article describes how to use this data

Current wind and buoy data

Bigsalty weather provides current weather data in addition to forecast data. The following guide describes what data we provide and how to use it.

Forecast location reports

Every Bigsalty forecast locations contain up to date weather forecasts and in some cases location guides which describe the characteristics of the location for use by watersports enthusiasts..

Interpreting Wave Model Forecast Data

The NWW3 wave and swell forecast data corresponds to data points not actually at the beach but further out to sea so under most circumstances the swell height forecasted for a location will actually be smaller when it hits your local break. Use the follow