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Covid 19 - update

Given the current situation with the spread of Covid-19 we thought we’d share our interpretation on what constitutes one form of exercise per day here in the UK.

You may have come to the same conclusions as us but we feel that the UK’s 'one form of exercise per day' should not:

-  risk the spread of the virus
-  require or potentially require the intervention of emergency services or distract them from the critical work they are currently doing
-  require that you are on the road, with the need to fill up with fuel and interact with others 

As such we have put down our gear until further notice. We will however continue to provide you with up to date weather and swell forecasts and weather readings. Due to the nature of our service this is possible to do during the shutdown measures.

It is worth mentioning there are circumstances where hitting the water may be entirely valid and must be based on your judgement and measured with a show of solidarity for the greater cause.

Scenarios such as, you can get to the water without needing transport and be sure you're not going to need rescue / medical attention. Last thing we want to do in this difficult time is ostrasice anyone who still wants / needs to get wet. Indeed there are undoubtedly immune boosting and mental health benefits of such exercise.

And indeed, it is just as possible to roll an ankle or fall of your bike as it is to injure yourself windsurfing / kitesurfing, paddle boarding, surfing etc... But under the radar is probably the way during this time.

We love all you guys and want you to stay safe and enjoy the incredible world we call home for many, many years in to the future. Let’s look after it, look after one another and kick this Covid-19 in the balls.

Let's salute the, let’s not understate this, heroes who work in our hospitals, surgeries and emergency services.

The new radical in this current time for the healthy and careful, is looking after our neighbours, helping assist the vulnerable and volunteering where possible to be a part of the bigger picture of front line services. Keep smiling during this time for the benefit of yourself and others.

Thank you all, stay safe. With love from the Bigsalty team.


Posted: Thu 26 Mar, 2020
by admin

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