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Your Privacy & GDPR


Your privacy is very important to us and this page intends to provide transparency as to how we use cookies and your personal data.

Cookies and Google Adsense Advertising

Bigsalty Weather uses Google Adsense to monetise our web traffic, which requires cookies for personalised adverts. It also uses cookies even if you choose non-personalised adverts for aggregation purposes and to prevent abuse.

Cookies and Other Tools

Our use of Google Maps, Google Analytics & reCAPTCHA also uses cookies for monitoring and security purposes. We also anonymise your IP address before it is sent to Google Analytics to prevent your IP being shared in this regard.

Therefore by using this website you agree to the use of cookies, but you have a choice to turn off personalised adverts to prevent use of your personal data by Google Adsense for personalised advertising.

Privacy Policies

If you agree to personalised adverts you accept that Google will use data about you for personalisation of ads and this data will be used by Google and their advertising partners under the terms of their individual privacy policies. The following links provide all necessary information related to Google's use of your collected personalised data. For complete transparency we also provide a link to a page that lists all possible vendors that may or may not advertise one our website through the Google Adsense network. The links to the privacy documents can be found here:

In essence Google's publisher products, depending on how they’re used, can make inferences about your interests based on the sites you visit, allowing advertisers to target their campaigns according to those interests. This provides an improved experience for users and advertisers alike. In addition, advertising personalisation helps us to better monetise our forecasting service that we provide for you.

Note that you can change the below setting in future by visiting the link on our privacy policy page.

Thank you for using Bigsalty Weather.

Set your Personalised Advert Preference

We and our advertising partners will show you ads that you may be interested in.

Our advertising partners do not show you personalised ads. You will however still see advertising that uses cookies but it will be less relevant.

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Access to some weather data we provide will be removed because advertising revenue from personalised ads helps us keep these services running.

Please note that this setting will take effect only on the browser you are using.