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Bigsalty Posts > news > Wave forecast data (Update 5.0)

Wave forecast data (Update 5.0)

Our wave data was taken offline temporary whilst we got to grips with a replacement data set.

UPDATE 5.0. 25.03.2021 2200 hrs.
UK / reland and global wave forecasts are back in action. Graphical charts remain to be migrated to new dataset and will be offline until that happens. Hopefully by the start of next week for the UK / Ireland charts Things remaining to sort out:
- Graphical chart output
- Forecast stickies
- Updating bonus swell forecast locations :)
- Re-instating email forecast alert service

UPDATE 4.0. 25.03.2021 0630 hrs.
UK wave forecasts are back in action. Graphical charts remain to be migrated.

UPDATE 3.0. 24.03.2021 1730 hrs.
There is still some work to do to make the output stable. More info available soon.

UPDATE 2.0. 24.03.2021 1600 hrs.
We have reinstated the forecast wave models data for the forecast pages using the new replacement wave model dataset. Left to do is update the wave forecast graphical charts. More on this later.

UPDATE 1.0. 24.03.2021 1100 hrs.
We've investigated the new dataset and are making preparations. We expect to bring the forecasted tabular wave data back prior to the animated charts. ETA on the wave data returning is within a 2-3 days from 24th March.

A recent update to one of our wave forecast data sources has meant that our method for updating our forecasted wave data has been affected. We are working hammer and tongs to get it back up and running and will keep you up to date here.

Thank you for your patience and your continued support whilst we sort this out. 

All atmospheric forecast data remains operational as does water temperature, current swell data, current wind data, UV index data so fill your boots on that stuff- however we have temporarily paused our forecast alert service.

We very much hope you are as pumped as we are about getting the wave forecast data back online. In the meantime - keep well and keep shredding!

James (Bigsalty chief) and the team


Posted: Tue 23 Mar, 2021
by admin

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