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Goodbye Forum - Destination Mothball

Looking back over the forum is nostalgic and enjoyable but the time has come to wave goodbye.

Service Upgrade

We've grown attached to our forum over the years, but it's time to move on...

As part of the ongoing evolution of the Bigsalty Weather service we've taken the partly easy but partly tough decision to mothball the community area.

We thoroughly appreciate all the chat and the stories that have been contributed over the past many, many years but it's time to move on. The reason we are removing it (for now) is that we need to continue upgrading our services and our underlying technology to make sure our website is operating securely and efficiently.

Maintenance of this area is therefore slowing the process down. That way we can continue to improve our forecasting and lifestyle tools which are are primary goal. 

We are not entirely deleting the contents of the community, instead taking it offline. So at some point we'd like to extract the data and present it in another format on the website under our own codebase and even allow contribution access once again. Possibly, depending on user demand.

Of course, this will mean that it's going to be marginally harder for queries to be asked / answered but for that we can refer you to our contact details page or social media accounts such as the Facebook page which although we update it currently infrequently, we do check regularly.

Instead for our service updates we intend to introduce them via the news section of our website (which you are looking at now) and via the social media channels.

Again, thanks to one and all for the continued support of the Bigsalty Weather service. 2019 and onward will bring some great advancements to our service offering so watch this space


Posted: Thu 24 Jan, 2019
by admin

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