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Privacy Policy

We want to make it clear about how we use and store data in light of the latest GDPR regulations.

Somewhere in Ireland

Somewhere in Ireland

In light of a change of legislation in the European economic area, we're detailing in clearer terms how we operate and use cookies and data to comply with the GDPR requirements.

Related to 3rd party tools (those not controlled by Bigsalty Weather)

Here's an outline of third party tools we use to maintain what we consider basic functionality of the Bigsalty Weather website and what they do.

Google Analytics
This is used to monitor website traffic to help us maintain the quality of our website and work out what pages are popular, which are not and help us work out how we can improve user experience. No personal data is collected by Google in this process and IP addresses (for identifying country and approximate location of users) are anonymised. Cookies are used to monitor a user's passage through the website. Note that Google stored this data in a GDPR compliant manner.

Google Adsense
By default we show non-personalised ads that use cookies but request authorisation to show personalised ads. This is optional but our service benefits from the extra revenue stream provided by non-personalised ads. Please note that both personalised and non-personalised adverts use cookies. 

In essence Google's publisher products, depending on how they’re used, can make inferences about a your interests based on the sites you visit, allowing advertisers to target their campaigns according to those interests. This provides an improved experience for users and advertisers alike. More information related to this usage can be found on Google's Personalised Adverts page.

Google Maps & reCAPTCHA
The pages that use Google Maps and those that use the bot prevention tool reCAPTCHA use cookies. More information of this can be found on the following page Google Partner Sites terms of data usage.

Data we store

Users who choose not to create a Bigsalty account provide us with no personal data and we make no customisations of the website for their use. Those users who choose to set up a Bigsalty Weather account to get the benefit of the customised service are asked to provide us with a name, email, preferred sports, country, town and postcode. This data is stored for the duration of the active account life-time in our secure servers in a GDPR compliant manner. This data is never stored / shared with any other entities and is solely used to allow the function of our weather forecasting tools. 

By providing us with your email it provides us to enable basic functionality for communication with you in the event of you initiating account data change or signing up for email alerts. The location information is used for helping customising nearby forecast locations for you.


We use a cookie for logged in users to help maintain a session throughout the website and a cookie for recognising the cookie consent form. In addition a session id is used for logged in users to customise forecasting units and preferred forecasting locations according to personal preferences. These do not contain personal data and are considered by us to be acceptable under "implied consent" to allow the basic website functionality that you have requested.

We request authorisation from you to display personalised adverts using the Google Adsense service. Regardless of whether you select to view personalised or non-personalised adverts cookies will be used by the Google Adsense network. You can manage your cookies here.

Communications and marketing

We will not use your email address to send you emails unless it is seen as important for the core usage of your account or you have specifically requested it within one of our website tools.

An example of this specific request is within the contract of using our email alerts system for weather events. In this case you will receive weather alerts until you turn them off.

Your right to remove your data from our system

As part of the GDPR compliance we welcome you to contact us and request removal of this data from our systems if you wish. It will be done with minimal fuss as soon as possible.

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Posted: Tue 22 May, 2018
by admin

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