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Shoreham Windsurfing Guide

General info

intermediate, advanced
Beach faces
Best wind
Tidal range
Shelving rate
steep, then gradual

Windsurfing ratings


Shoreham is seabreeze city, if it is sunny, then it is generally windier here than most other places on the south coast. You will rarely find big waves here, but you will find a really good mixture of bump and jump to some fun small waves to play with.

The beach itself shelves steeply until it meets the gently shelving sand. Shoreham is best sailed in the approach to high tide, during high tide the shorebreak is a bit of a challenge to those a bit nervous about waterstarting.

South West and West winds are best here and range from cross onshore to side shore, there is always a friendly crowd out to sail with.


The seabreeze potential can crank the windspeed up here by up to 10knots over nearing places (including shoreham airport), which means that you can get a lot of small board days in the summer. Get the tide coming in, and you might even be on a waveboard.


Groynes and rip at high tide should be considered. At low tide it is very safe. Park in the car park and not on the road.

Directions to Shoreham

From West or East make your way to the A27 and follow the signs to Shoreham Beach, when you find a roundabout with one of those red garages on, take that exit into Shoreham Beach. As the road bends to the left, take the right turn and follow to the sea. When you cannot go any further you are right there.