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Worthing Windsurfing Guide

General info

beginner, intermediate, advanced
Beach faces
Best wind
Tidal range
Shelving rate
steep, then gradual

Windsurfing ratings


Excellent friendly south coast cross onshore wave and bump n jump spot

Worthing has a large tidal range and is best approached on the 2 hours either side of high tide. Other than that it is long walk to the water, often over sharp rock.

There are a few places to windsurf, that can offer excellent conditions, with often a good cross on wave for jumping and a bit of riding. The pier, Yacht Club and Sea Lane Cafe are the main spots, and there are always a good few out on the water.

Expect good seabreezes at worthing, which are accelerated by the south downs in the summer. In the winter, the south westerlies produce typical south coast conditions. Parking at the three spots is fairly easy.


If there is a channel swell running, Worthing produces the goods. It compliments Shoreham well as it is good in the run up too high tide. Sea Lane cafe can be a real gem of the spot, and allows fun frontside riding and even a surf. There are numerous spots in between that you can sail too, plus the sea breezes can be surprisingly strong and reliable.


Groynes to beware of, a shingly beach. At low tide it is actually a very long walk over slightly submersed sharp reef until you can get enough for a fin. Almost not possible with bare feet.

Directions to Worthing

Take the M23 all the way from the M25, or the A24 from Dorking if you are coming from the East. If coming from the West then take the A27. When you approach Worthing follow the signs to the town centre, the beach road is easy to find. The Yacht Club is a mile and a half west from the town.