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Woolacombe Windsurfing Guide

General info

beginner, intermediate, advanced
Beach faces
Best wind
Tidal range
Shelving rate
Shallow to moderate shelving.

Windsurfing ratings


Woolacombe Gallery

Woolacombe is a well known surfing beach that picks up a very good dose of swell from the Atlantic. The 2.5 mile long beach provides plenty of space to choose a peak but some good right-handers can be had off of the northern end of the beach near the rocks. Amenities are well established with plenty of shops, cafes and pubs, which will come as quite a relief when driving the long road to get here.

The windsurfing scene is less renowned although the conditions can be truly epic. The photos in the umi gallery are from a Wavejam event in 2007 that took place in a southerly wind. The conditions proved pretty challenging on this occasion with a short period but high wave height swell making it somewhat of a lottery to get out. The size factor can be an issue here like anywhere else that is a beach break but also allows smaller swells to be capitalised on.


The N and NW winds come in to their own here for wave-sailing which are directions not accommodated by anywhere else nearby. For this reason alone, Woolacombe should be on your Bigsalty Watchlist. When you take the trip to this area, bring your surf boards as it's likely you'll get some action in whatever the weather.


Check that your level of ability matches the conditions. As is quite often the case with beach breaks, the size can be a little misleading when looking from the beach.

Google Map of the location