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Westward Ho Windsurfing Guide

General info

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Shallow shelving

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Westward Ho is situated at a river mouth and consequently has a very shallow shelving sand bottom. It picks up a lot of swell, but the shelving rate leads to slightly unorganised waves. The approach to high tide is often the best, if purely for a shorter walk to the water. The tide does go out a long way here.


Westward Ho picks up a lot of swell, it faces W so is one of the most exposed beach's. On it's day, if the wind is slightly more sideshore then you can expect to have a really good windsurf here.

Westward Ho is also one of the best places to windsurf in the south of England in a NE wind, often with loads of frontside waves and stunt ramps. If you like walking with your kit you will love Westward Ho, as low tide is a loooong way out!


Beware of approach Westward Ho in anything resembling a gale, or even near there. The waves start to break a long way out, so far out that you will be unsure where out is. There is a lot of water movement near to the river mouth, so be warned.

Directions to Westward Ho

Take the North Devon road towards and past Barnstaple, heading towards Bideford. Pass Bideford and look out for signs to Westward Ho on your right hand side. Make way through and past the town and take a left towards the golf course and sea side parking. You may have to pay in peak season.