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Highcliffe Windsurfing Guide

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Moderate shelving rate.

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Highcliffe Gallery

Highcliff Beach is a short drive away from Avon Beach and is situated at the foot of an eroding mud cliff. It's a very good location for both windsurfing and surfing. The orientation of the beach means that a westerly wind is cross shore down the line, and this is often the best time to visit.

The wave at Highcliff breaks quite close to the shore and consists of shifting peeks. If you are in the right place, it can be a very satisfying wave ride whereas on the outside the bigger sets break allowing some good run ups for jumping or some deep sea top turns.

Highcliff tends to get similar size waves to Southbourne and generally larger than nearby Avon Beach.


A particularly good time to visit Highcliff is when the wind switches WSW and W, especially if you are windsurfing at Avon beach and the winds swung a little too offshore.

Another place to try would be Southbourne in a westerly wind, although the wave and shorebreak is a little more challenging.


As a consequence of the erosion problem there are a number of imposing rock groynes along the beach, so if you are getting to grips with wave riding it is safest to wait for low tide and launch down wind of them. For this reason, launching on a high tide during a reasonable swell is only recommended if you are confident you can get out of there quickly!

Access to the beach requires a bit of a walk down the cliff path so be prepared.

Google Map of the location