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Bigbury On Sea Windsurfing Guide

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Bigbury On Sea Gallery

Best allround windsurfing and wavesailing spot on the Devon south coast. Picking up plenty of Atlantic swell and sailable in most wind directions. It is picturesque, with good parking, a great cafe that hosts a web cam. The windsurfing itself can offer everything from big cross on jumping to some down the line waveriding. When certain conditions come together, there can be some very special days here.

Surfing wise, much of the surfing happens on the Bantham side of the river, both spots work although Bigbury tends to be less crowded.


There are a lot of changing sandbars that offer good waves. If the tide is going out, with the river mouth, then you will get some good waves holding up as it hits the incoming Atlantic swells. There is also a good local effect if the winds are E/NE where it will funnel down the river mouth. If this setup is combined with swell, the wave-riding can be epic.

Another thing to note is that if the wind turns W down in Cornwall, the quality of the wave riding at the cornwall beaches can be effected, whereas provided the swell is there Bigbury could be going off.



The water covers the whole beach at high tide. There is also a lot of water movement if the swell is big because of the river mouth.

Directions to Bigbury On Sea

Take the A38 to Plymouth and turn off at Urmington, drive up and down plenty of narrow Devon roads, avoiding tractors and farmers. End up in Bigbury! When you get to the cafe, park in the lower car park.

Google Map of the location