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Boscombe Pier Windsurfing Guide

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Boscombe Pier Gallery

Boscombe Pier is situated 8 minutes drive further west than Southbourne and provides a good alternative as a beach with more angle in a SW direction.

Boscombe Pier remains a good wave for surfing due to the bank built up around the large groyne and the shelter provided from the structure, so take you surf board in case the wind drops. Near the end of 2008 the long awaited surfing reef is predicted for completion just offshore from the pier. 

It's a fairly chilled out venue although perhaps not as secluded as Southbourne with a nice sandy beach and cafes along the front plus easy access. This makes it another good location for beginners and intermediates providing there is not much swell.

For those out there hell bent on wave riding, take a look at the Bigsalty Star Ratings for waves to help judge where to head, you'll notice that as the wind swings through it's westerly orientation Southbourne and Boscombe should alternate as good options for a windsurf.


If the swell looks good at Southbourne, the wind is SW and you'd prefer down the line conditions over cross-onshore then head to Boscombe to take a look. Fortunately, Boscombe Pier has a very good web cam that can be accessed through the weather page and will give you a good idea of the conditions.

Comparitively, Boscombe will usually have a smaller wave than Southbourne but bigger wave than Avon Beach ( past Hengistbury Head ), although the waves will often be closer together than Avon Beach (because of the wrapping effect of Hengistbury Head on Avon's wave).


If you keep your distance from the groyne you should be fine here, the only other thing to watch out for is the fine sand that will happily turn your two piece mast in to a one piece lance.

Google Map of the location