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Marazion Windsurfing Guide

General info

beginner, intermediate, advanced
Beach faces
Best wind
W, E, SE, SW, NW
Tidal range
Shelving rate
Slight at mid-low tide.

Windsurfing ratings


Marazion Gallery

Marazion is a popular beach situated on the south coast of Cornwall. It's a very long bay that reaches as far as Penzance to the west and ends at the imposing if not picturesque St. Michaels Mount to the east. Every year the UKWA race fleet visit as part of the UK tour, but there is a lot more to the location than flat water racing. Jumping can be great on both tacks and the wave riding can be good too although less powerful than the north coast.

The lie of the bay does mean that it could be considered of one of Cornwall's 'storm' beaches in powerful W and NW swells that would otherwise leave the north coast out of bounds to most abilities. This shelter does lend it to being one of the better entry level beaches for wave-sailing in Cornwall. Low tide would also be a great time for beginner level windsurfers to hit the beach to learn windsurfing and generally low-mid tide is the best state to head out in.

The arc of the bay means that bay is sailable in almost all wind directions for both kitesurfers and windsurfers.


The bay performs at it's best in a W, E or SE but handles many directions. If you want to get some concentrated jumping in Marazion is a very good bet.


At high tide, the shorebreak can be a tad potent, and the jumping isn't as good anyway so mid – low is the money shot.

Google Map of the location