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Balevullin Windsurfing Guide

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Magnificent bay with parking at the top left hand corner providing easy beach access. One of the many firing bays in Tiree boasts some chunky frontside waveriding that regulary peak and reform. At lower tides the wind is clean enough to provide some big jumping conditions.



Once the Atlantic comes alive with long period swells, then this beach goes off! As the tide pushes in expect for some huge sets. If you like it big, then you will love this place in SW gales. Be a man about it, cos you will need to get out quick and time your run well. Especially at mid tide when the launch is tricky. When it starts closing out here, don't waste time, pack up, eat some haggis and get down to the Maze.

It is a hard place to leave when it is working, because the wave is so much fun.


At Mid Tide there are two huge rocks that can pose some problems. The rip here however is useful to aid getting out back in lighter winds.

Directions to Balevullin

Hmm, again, a bit cloudy this one