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Llangenith Windsurfing Guide

General info

intermediate, advanced
Beach faces
Best wind
N, S, SE
Tidal range
Shelving rate
Shallow shelving.

Windsurfing ratings


Llangenith Gallery

Llangenith is the most versatile beach in the Gower Peninsula. It has world class cross shore wave riding and powerful waves. It is a big sandy bay that streches all the way to Rhossilli. A walk through the dunes is required to access the beach.


Because Llangenith picks up any swell going, you are guaranteed a wave. It can be good on SW but often too big and onshore mushy. To really get Llangenith good, you want a strong SE wind funnelling through Rhossilli and Worms head. Time it is the tide is low and on the push and you will get so many bottom turns in, you wont remember how to go straight!


Llangenith can pick up some hefty and powerful swell so windsurf within your safety level.;Avoid the headlands as strong currents circulate around them especially on big days.;At low tide a couple of ship wrecks are exposed in the bay that need to be avoided.;Llangenith is a popular beach with surfers so it may get busy.

Directions to Llangenith

M4 and turn off at Swansea follow the North gower road to Llangennith

Google Map of the location