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Rhosneigr Windsurfing Guide

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Rhosneigr Gallery

Windsurf playground, horse shoe shaped bay that picks up any swell accelerating up the Irish channel. It is also sailable in most directions. Best windsurfed on the approch to high tide when the waves push up. There are several areas to windsurf with different sizes of wave to play with, should there be swell.

When it is flat, it is a safe place to get to grips with coastal windsurfing, there is a vibrant scene and a great shop.


Rhosneigr will pick up any wind or swell as it accelerates up the Irish Channel. This can produce some huge rolling waves that will break in the middle of the bay. In a southerly the wind is slightly onshore. The set up of the place is quite unique and provides plenty of jumping and riding conditions.


Massive rocks are hidden at high tide, check out the beach at low tide to sea what we mean. There is also a river to the right and a strong rip to beware of. When it is big you can get washed over and lose your kit quite far out, so get good at swimming.

Directions to Rhosneigr

Enter Wales and hope for the best... (you can still use pounds)

Google Map of the location