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Forecast feedback for Bassenthwaite Lake

This page allows you to leave feedback for a specific days wind forecast. Currently, we are looking at wind speed adjustments only to test drive this & god knows, to keep it simple. It's a 3 step process & works like this:

Step 1

Load a forecast

Select the date of the forecast you wish to leave feedback on by typing a date in the text box & clicking the arrow button.


Note: minimum data for archived material for this location is: Thursday 1 January, 1970

Step 2

Waiting for your selection...

Comparing against the graph of the day's forecasted wind speed that has loaded below, drag the graph lines for wind speed and gust to adjust according to the actual wind strength on the day.

Please select a date for the forecast you wish to comment on (see step 1 above).

Step 3

We salute you for being a leader! Thanks for your feedback, this will be used to improve our model data.

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