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Kessingland Windsurfing Guide

General info

intermediate, advanced
Beach faces
Best wind
N, NE, S
Tidal range
Shelving rate

Windsurfing ratings


Kessingland can really perform in northerly and north easterly winds and tends to get the lions share of the wind in such situations quite often as a result of the UK being dominated by a high pressure system.

This can be a very good wave sailing location, but as is the case with much of the East coast, the currents can be strong and so choosing to windsurf/ kitesurf when wind is against tide is far preferrable than struggling to stay upwind. This limits itelf as a beginner friendly location except potentially when winds are light and tides are near their maximum. Better alternatives would be Hickling Broad to the north or Alton Water to the South (both inland locations).

It is posible to surf at Kessingland and picks up swell from the North and North East.


Keep an eye on the current here as the tidal drag is strong partly due to the sweeping nature of the coast.