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Keeping our eyes wide and ears open is how we aim to be in our approach to contact. We want to hear from you if you want to communicate with us.

You can contact the people at Bigsalty through the forum, by email, at the beach, through meditation or over the phone.

Leave us a message or ask a question.

By Email

Got a question?

We love it when people with ideas give us suggestions, improvements, fixes or want to be a part of Bigsalty Weather. Find out more about what we stand for.


You may be wanting to ask any number of things including any of the common questions below so feel free to get in contact.

Please can you add my location to your forecasting database?
Yes of course, let us know where it is (ideally with co-ordinates) and we will do.

I have a question about how to interpret your forecasts…
Sure, ask away.

Can I reproduce your data?
Let us know what you intend to do and we will take it from there.

Can I add a forecast to my website or club website?
We will help in any way we can. We have a page that allows you to select a forecast automatically by grabbing a forecast sticky. Or you may have a bigger and better idea in qhich case get in contact.