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The Bigsalty Weather Data Suite

This is the core weather data that we provide for our users.

Noaa Weather Buoy

Noaa Weather Buoys provide important swell data for Bigsalty Weather users

We collect a range of forecasting data to ensure you’ve got the right information to get you on the water, fast.

Here’s a quick summary of the types of data Bigsalty brings you:

  • Graphical forecast charts for wind speed, wave height and wave period, pressure, surface temperature and cloud cover.
  • Location forecasts for our database of beaches and inland water bodies around the UK. Forecast coverage includes some or all of the following for your local breaks: wind speed and direction, wave height and wave period, tidal data, cloud cover, temperature and rainfall.
  • Current weather observations sourced from land-based stations and marine buoys, which include wind reports, wind history, atmospheric information, wave period, wave height and wave direction.
  • Location information and detailed beach searches for the specific interest of windsurfers and beach users.
  • Tidal data for all major primary and secondary ports.

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Posted: Thu 5 May, 2016
by admin

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