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Forecasted Wind Speed Feedback

Hi All,
We are SUPER EXCITED as we have added a new tool within the Bigsalty Weather forecast pages (next to the day's forecast tab) to allow you to upgrade or downgrade the wind speed and wind gust for a particular date for any of the forecast locations on our database.

We expect this initiative to:
- Allow us to keep on top of making any necessary improvements to forecasts in your favourite locations.
- Provide you with a way to dynamically and easily provide feedback for forecasts that are missing the mark so that the Bigsalty brain can reward your feedback by making the forecast better.
- Generally improve the service on a local scale.
- We will be able to easily monitor where the forecasted wind speed is under-reading or indeed over reading.
- Allows you to add a comment with your adjusted wind speed parameters so that you can provide even more detailed information regarding the feedback location.
- Give us what we need to dynamically adjust incoming forecasts on proven data provided by your good self.

We hope that this tool is going to be really useful on occasions where you get back from your local spot and find that the forecast didn't quite cut the mustard. You will be able to look up the current day's forecast (as well as previous day's as you wish) and record the correct or approximate wind speed.

To access this NEW wind forecast feedback service:

If you use (UK only website) click on the tab shown in the following screen grab when you are at your chosen beach forecast page:


If you use (Global website) click on the tab shown in the following screen grab when you are at your chosen beach forecast page:


To use the NEW wind forecast feedback service perform the following steps:

- Once you are on the forecast feedback page for your location, select a date using the date select tool within the step 1 input field.
- Press the button with the double arrow (the page will reload with a graph of the wind speed for that day).
- Move the graph lines to a more appropriate wind speed.
- If you are not already logged in, use the quick form to log in so we have a record of which legends have been using the tool.
- Add a comment if you want,
- Click submit.

That's it. We hope it's going to be pretty simple to use to help encourage your involvement in this really good service development.

If you have any questions or comments on this, let us know here.


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Re: Forecasted Wind Speed Feedback



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