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Sad reminder of the importance of safety at sea

Very sad news recently of a windsurfer who died off the north east coast at Blyth on the 6th of November 2012. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.

It's a sad reminder that time on the water can potentially be very dangerous although most of us fortunately rarely see this. Bigsalty Weather would always recommend sailing / surfing / kitesurfing / cruising with a buddy and we'd suggest considering the following things:

- Try to hit the water with a compadre / comrade.
- Always check the conditions are within your expected ability level.
- Check your entrance / exit to the water.
- Check the weather forecast to be aware of worsening weather conditions / wind shifts / tidal movements.
- Know as much as you can about the location environment you are entering. Do your research. Speak to people. Decent human beings will be happy to give you advice so don't be intimidated. Check out the Bigsalty beach guides where available or buy one of the beach guide out there.
- Check your equipment is in order. Ropes/ leashes.
- Get yourself a decent wetsuit for the temperature.
- Stay fit and healthy.
- Remember a few golden rules about safety. One I go for is covering my head when I go under. So many times I have been hit across the head by surf boards / masts / boards etc... Better still wear a helmet.
- Good idea to let someone know when you expect to be back. Take a watch out with you and keep them in the loop. A good watersports watch can cost as little as £15 and prevent you from being late to socials too.
- Don't go too far out. It's pointless.
- Have lady luck on your side.

Especially seeing as temperatures are dropping all around our coasts now. We all need to be ready for a long swim and know we can make it back to the beach. Too many times I see people too far out to sea. It's frustrating especially with forecasted wind shifts swinging to offshore.

As a weather website we want to know that all of you who are out on the water are thinking about these things. You are legends and deserve more time on the water so do your best to keep it that way and you have our support.

It's unclear why the windsurfer died out to sea, I expect we will hear soon but here's the article: … -32187130/

If you have any suggestions to add to this. We're grateful to here about them.

Best. And stay safe, god damn it!

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